Thursday, 15 January 2015

Time to move on methinks

For a multitude of reasons, I've decided to move my blogging activity to a new blog as part of my own web site.  I've had increasing difficulty in posting here on Blogger and think that I will find the new format to be better for me - it has been something I've been thinking of doing for some years.  Although ironically of course, having made the considerable effort to set up a new blog, posting here today, I find that a lot of the problems I was facing have seemingly been addressed and it's suddenly working okay for me!

Blogger has served me well since 2008 and I will leave the blog here, just as it is, for future reference - many sites already link to it and it has always featured quite well in search engines.  I have however copied everything over to my new site and would be delighted if you would join me there.

Please join me:

Please do join me at the new blog, with the latest post of I really am going to try harder where I have posted some photos of the Lake District and some new work:

The Langdales in the English Lake District, looking as clear as I've ever seen them.

Enamelled sliding lid tins, something new that I've been trying.

Thank you for reading me thus far and for following this blog and for making your valuable comments, it has been truly appreciated.  I largely post as a way of making a record for my own future purposes, so it's a lovely bonus to find that other people read my ramblings too. I do hope that you'll continue to do so.  Thank you!

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